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MM5451 as a Johnson Counter/Light Chaser

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Could anyone provide me with a simple way to use the Micrel MM5451 display
chip as a Johnson Counter type light chaser? I want to use it like the good old
4017 cmos counter. Instead of driving a display, I just want each output to turn on, one after another; and drive a discrete L.E.D.

I'm an old guy that was playing with this stuff before the advent of 'PIC' chips,
but I'm willing to learn..:) Thanks!


It looks like you need to update the entire display frame all at once so I don't see any way of doing that simply with discrete components, at least not without a WHOLE lot of extra logic. It would be relatively trivial to do with a micro controller, and you could blink them any which way you wanted. Looks like a nice driver though.
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Blimey - the 5451 has been around for almost as long as I have.

I remember using them back in the 1980s
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