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Deepen Shah

New Member
any idea for compatible ic for microcontroller at89c52 as this series is getting off from the market by the atmel
i got the other ic which are compatible with at89c52 such :
at89s52,at89ls52 and philkips controllers but it is not working as my at89c52 bcoz the other atmel ic's is having diff operating vopltage and philips is not giving the same output as it was given by at89c52
please respond on the email id
[email protected]


Active Member
What do you mean by different operating voltage? Are you talking about Vcc or the output voltage of port pin when it is at logic 1? Well if you see that output voltage at port is low, then use pull-up resistor network of 10k on each port.
I recently bought AT89S52 insted of AT89C52 and it works well for me without any trouble.
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