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Metal Heatsinking for SMPS transformers suffers eddy current losses?

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We have a 3kw offline battery charger which we bought and they keep stopping working.
We therefore took it apart, and we noticed a 3kW LLC converter using a transformer of Epcos PQ35/35 dimensions and shape. (yes, it was really THAT small!)
Anyway, this transformer is thermally coupled to a 5mm thick aluminium plate heatsink as in the attached diagram.
Surely having a metal plate close to the open side of a high frequency transformer (the PQ35/35 core is not shielded) is going to result in too much eddy current heating in the aluminium heatsink?

Epcos Ferrite databook shows PQ35/35 core on page 281:



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It would only be the leakage flux that would cause eddy currents, and I would think that would be fairly small.
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