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Measuring Pulse width

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How i do for measuring Pulse Width in C langue? (Pic 16f628A)

Any guy have a example?
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I've never seriously messed with 16F628A interrupts to measure pulse widths, but for a AVR I'd set an interrupt pin to trigger on both edges, and simply measure how many clock ticks with a timer it stays in each state.

For the 628A it looks like PORTB has an interrupt option on state change. You can probably use one of portb 7:4 to do something similar.

If you're out of resources you may have to use a tight loop to check if the port changed state or not, I'd probably avoid this method unless the pulse widths are quite a bit longer than several instruction cycle time.


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The hardware will do it for you. Read the section in the data sheet on the CCP module.

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