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MD665 Dell Inspiron E1505 6400 Intel Laptop Motherboard


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You are very unlikely to find a parts-list unless you know someone that actually works with these things. The most likely way you might find out is by looking at a good mobo (probably doesn't have to be same model if it is similar enough) and seeing what there is there. If you do that though you have a new problem, since it looks as though they would have been large ceramic capacitors, which aren't marked. I don't know what value ceramic caps have to be to be that big, but I would take a punt on at least 10uF range but they could be much, much bigger. Also possible they are a low value but big for another reason, like voltage. Their location (and I can't tell if those black boxes are diodes or capacitors because of the red paint over them) suggests they are part of a voltage converter, so likely they are filter caps for that.

So, did you buy the board with the caps missing, or is it one that was working and they have now exploded? The fact they are simply missing with no visible damage is very strange. If you know that they have exploded, I would look for a fault leading to too high a voltage being present on them before going ahead with replacement.

If I were you, if I'd bought the board as is, I would try it. before looking for parts, It might be perfectly happy without them.


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From here: EDIT: This info is incorrect.



However, the sizes are different to what is shown on the PCB - both are the same size on the PCB, but the schematic shows 0805 & 1206.

Something to get you started with, at least.
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Maybe this one? EDIT: This info is incorrect.

PC57 & 58.png
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Ok, last one....
Page 43 here:

Looks like we have the right schematic.
PC66 & 68 are there and the respective sizes of the 4 capacitors look to be a match.
Also present from the list on the silkscreen, are PD2, PC57, PR47.....



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Words cannot describe how thankful I am...
I m not an engineer or something but I do have some interest in repairing.
So I opened my dead laptop n searched the fault myself...
For that I learnt many new things such as
Smd( caps 4 C, resistor 4 R , Diodes 4 D , Fuse 4 F , Coil 4 L )

N also learnt that, how using a multimeter one can check these components and their connectivity...

I m really happy to hear from you guys ..
And as you can understand that from the 1st line itself list of components as I didn't know it is called as schematic diagram
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Just for info, if the files for sale in Micksters first link (post #3) are full Boardview compatible ones, as the page implies:

Boardview is a system that ties together a schematic diagram and the physical circuit board layout - click a part in the schematic and it shows the location on the PCB and in the parts list, or click a component pad in the PCB view and it shows you the same part in the schematic etc.

There are several programs compatible with that system, both commercial and free; these are a couple of examples:

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