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im am a fourth year student doing my final project. i would be very grateul if i could get some advice on on a facial recognition project. I have to establish whether a face is symmetrical or not. i have the image of the face capturing but now what i am getting stuck on is trying to calculate the distance of the image using matlab 7.1

for example the image is of my face. i want to be able to automatically calculate the distance of my face from ear to ear then divide this by 2 so that it is half way. then i flip the left hand side on to the right and subtract images to see the differences.

i have all of the flipping part done but it is the automatic calculation of width that has to be figuered out.

i would be grateful for any advice


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I would think i would be easier to define a line through the middle and then mirror one side and subtract the result from the other half (matrix-wise). A perfectly symetrical face would provide a result of ZERO.

you could use that as a method, having a tolerance on the difference
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