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Hi, I looking some advice and assistance on the use of MATLAB/Simulink for spectrum analysis.

When I first started to use the software I discovered I could not simulate and therefore analyse a continuous analog signal. It appeared to me that MATLAB/Simulink could only deal with signals which had been sampled ?

I find this hard to believe and would be grateful if someone could tell me I am wrong and what I must do to analyse continuous analog signals on the spectrum analyser ?


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I think that Matlab is basically numerical, and hence you have to deal with sampled signals. However, I don't see why you can't use the symbolic toolbox for Matlab to look at spectrums for continuous signals. But, you can also just do it out with calculus and equations and then plot the end results with Matlab. If you end up with any integrals that don't have closed form solutions, you can also numerically integrate using Matlab.
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