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LTSpice IV and XVII ignores keyboard input in the diode dialog box

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Lee Ward

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I've done something insanely stupid. I'm sure of it. Can't figure out what though. Guidance please?

I thought I would switch to the new LTSpice on my Windows 10 PC, so uninstalled the old, downloaded the installer for the new, installed it, and went to work.

Started LTSpice XVII and...

0) File->New Schematic
1) Left-click on the generic diode symbol on the tool bar, place the component.
2) Right-click on the newly placed diode; Dialog pops up.
3) Left-click on "Breakdown Voltage [V]:" text box; a cursor begins blinking directly before the pre-populated zero character.

Nothing I try from the keyboard works in the box. Can't arrow forward, can't type any number or character, etc.

I can left-click to select other fields in the dialog but, again, no effect from the keyboard. I can select a specific diode and everything works as expected but cannot then change any of the pre-populated values; Same symptoms as above.

I can highlight with the mouse in preparation for over-writing the field but, again, the keyboard input is ignored.

Other dialogs do work though. For instance, I can place a voltage source and edit the fields in the dialog box that appears when I right-click.

So... Oh well... Something wrong with LTSpice XVII I thought. Uninstalled and downloaded the latest LTSpice IV. It has the same problem :(

Uh oh. I'm toast. Googled around trying to see if someone might have a similar experience without luck.

It's me, right? What goofy thing might I have done?



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Those are not diode parameters you can input. They are just for listing of the parameters for the specific diode you have selected from the model library (using the Pick New Diode option).
If you want to input your own parameters then you need to generate a diode model with those parameters and put it in the model library.


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Besides, the standard Spice D-model does not model breakdown (never has, in any variant of Spice)


You can, however, create a more complicated model that does model breakdown
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