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LPC2129 based CAN

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I am using MCB2100 vers.3 developement board. In this board they given example code of CAN. This code is not working.
they mentioned in text file :
(example name:LPC2_CANBlinky_V130,The Blinky sequence displayed on ports P1_16 to P1_23 can be controlled via the analog input on channel 0, if CAN ports 1 and 2 are connected.The data from the ADC unit gets transmitted on CAN2.The data received on CAN ports1 influences the Blinky sequence.
I connected CAN1L to CAN2L and CAN1H to CAN2H . In this time , when we connected CRO to CAN1L pin ,i am not getting anything.
But I connected CAN1L to CAN2H and CAN1H to CAN2L .when we connected CRO to CAN1L pin ,i am getting some signal. but when i vary POT it won't vary.it is constent.

I am waiting for the reply.
Not open for further replies.

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