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Low pass filter design steps

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I'm have a Rf module interfaced with 8051 having frequency of 433Mhz and antenna of 50 ohms. It requires a Low pass filter ...pls list out the steps for designing a low pass filter.
I don't know whether an active or passive filter will suffice......
Thanks in advance.
This sounds like you require a low pass filter which is also a matching network for the antenna. Please provide more information if you can. Such as what are the requirements of your low pass filter. This will definitely be a passive filter!


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in our country I think 433 is a free band
What is your country?
433Mhz may be allowed short range low power devices, but not a do as you like free for all!:(

As for designing a filter, have a look here.
Lots of good information.
The article seems to concentrate on HF rather than UHF, you will be using small value components at 433Mhz.


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If you need a LPF on a commercial RF module then it's likely a receiver. It limits the maximum signal into the micro which depends on the data you are trying to feed through the system. 2Kbits/sec is common with a 433MHz car alarm keyfob system.
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