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Looling for a power relay source

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I have an O.E.M. power relay on a pool controler that has a peculiar pig tail lead configuratron on the 24v dc coil. It is rated @:

20A at 120/240/277 vac
10A 480/600 vac
3/4 HP at 120 vac
2 HP at 240 vac

It is a Midtex 187-26C2L1 With "1/4 lugs (plug-in?) NO DPST.

I had ants crawl iinto some of them and I'm sure it helped cause a lot of the burning of the contacts. The O.E.M. changed it's policy and won't sell to me anymore and wants me to go through a local pool dealer($$$) now. I did find a similar Midtex 187 type for over $100. Since I will be needing several of them ,and 'm willing to modify a relay, It's worth trying to find a cheaper relay that can handle the load. Any sources in the Napa CA area? Or anywhere?
Here's a link to the MIdtex Type 187.


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