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Looking to purchase ESD brush set for cleaning PCB and other electronic gears ?

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Dear Experts

I am a tech and I will be using them everyday , ,,,,looking to buy a quality set of anti static cleaning brushes something similar to the below link and there many others sources (but not sure of quality):


I found OXO brand but not as set


Can you please advise where can I get them ? If there is no set I don't mind to buy the individual quality one and make a set for myself

No objection to spend little bit since i will be using it everyday



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I use MG Chemicals but that's just what is available locally. An art store might be your best bet if you need a variety of sizes. Stay away from nylon bristles.
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Dear dknguyen
While I was searching and this time I changed my google's phrase search to : "Conductive Brushes",,,,I came across this :



Low charging (anti-static) materials used to make these natural fill brushes include Wood, Hog Bristle, Horse Hair and Goat Hair. These materials can be used in ESD sensitive areas as long as the brush remains in a liquid environment. In a dry environment, only conductive or dissipative materials should be used in ESD safe areas.
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Yeah. I guess that makes sense since a rubbed balloon does attract things like hair.

If you are cleaning using something like alcohol which is conductive, it re-distributes the charge. I guess it's never come up for me because I'm always using a conductive solvent and if the bristles aren't natural, then they're just regular nylon. I've never actually been able to get ahold of an actual ESD brushes where the bristles are conductive/dissipitive.

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