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looking for vga tft controllers for small lcd night vision goggles

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recently after ALLOT of online studying, i discovered that raw composite drivin LCD screens with controllers do infact exist, which is exactly what ive been looking for, in a sense. What ive found is vga/composite converters with lcd's, which is essentially soundless composite set up for computers, the screens themselves are essentially 7 inch computer monitors for DIY projects that need their own screen, still running off the computer.

This confirms the technology exists, and ive been able to find controller screen combos which are even programmable, for around $20, however, the smallest i can locate them is around 4-5 inch which is way to large.

I am currently starting two projects a friend and i intend to further research and work on, we are going to build wide vision compact night vision goggles for the purpose of selling eventually, but for the time being, for personal use.

what we need, is controllers for small LCD's namely replacement cell phone screens as they have very high resolution , that will take in basic PAL composit video directly from a cmos camera module. using lenses we have established a way to see the entire screens in focus at close distance making the goggles very compact.

the only problem is, i cant find any pre built modules that will function in this way, simply driving an LCD with PAL video signals. I cant even find any controllers IC's for low resolution screens, everything in that catagory is for programmer boards like arduino, what im after is a single function controller, which takes in nothing but pal and displays the video.

If neccesary ill even hand build the controller and program it, however i dont know where to start .

the kind of tft screen im looking at controllong is something under 300 pixels on either dimension

please, if you know about any compact tft controllers for small LCD's that take in composite video, please let me know, thanks
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To get from PAL to LCD is hard and the parts I have used are long gone. Off the market.

There are digital cameras that could interface to a LCD better. It may have to pass through a FPGA first. In most cases the digital cameras can be reprogrammed for a lower resolution. If you are very lucky the camera might be close to that of the LCD.


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I recommend a frame-grabber board in combination with a CPU and LCD Video board in the PC/104 form factor. The compact stack of boards can be loaded with modern operating systems and the frame-grabber boards come with application software to display the PAL video on the LCD. Take a look at the following for example: http://www.ampltd.com/pc104/video/avc2000.php
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