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Looking for the correct 4 position dip switch.

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I am making a counter that can be reset to a certqain number. to do this I will have 2 dip switches (one for each display) that I can set.

I have been looking around, and was just wondering what kind of switch do I need? (As cheap as possible). I saw many different kinds...some for 0.50 and some for 3.00. This is the one I was thinking of using, but I would like one cheaper.

3-518-4 position dip sw 8-DIP-Electronic Surplus Inc.Offering obsolete IC's, discretes, motors, relays, switches, pots, and much, much more! Always looking for your excess inventory.

Switches will be use in this manner.



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Cheaper than $0.50? UPS ground to the Midwest is $6.00. That's $7.00 total. How about buying a couple of 8-switch DIPs from your local Radio Shack at $2.79 each and cutting them down to 4-Switch dips, as you'll waste one switch on each DIP in the process.

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