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Looking for rat zapper complete circuit

Haroon Ijaz

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Hi there i am in the search of complete circuit diagram and PCB design of electric zapper for rodent control
I hope you someone is here to help me out


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a 12V relay with DPDT contacts, two capacitors, an automobile ignition coil, and a 12V battery would be a very simple zapper... first set of relay contacts would be NC contact goes to battery +, COM contact to relay coil+ and capacitor +. relay- and cap- go to battery -. other set of relay contacts, NC goes to battery+, NO to battery-, COM to second cap +. second cap- to ignition coil primary+, ign coil - to batt-. first capacitor is selected so that the relay cycles between 2 and 5 times per second, 2nd capacitor should be about 1 to 10uf and a low ESR type.

or you can use one of the circuits found here:http://www.instructables.com/id/super-simple-ignition-coil-drivers/ a couple of them are similar to what i described.


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I would call him/her/it Clint Eastwood, "The Rat With No Name"

at the end of the movie, you find out it was Jim Duncan...

EDIT: sorry, i was thinking about High Plains Drifter, where he's asked several times what his name is, but never gives an answer. at the end the town sheriff is carving a name on what was an unmarked grave, and asks "I never did know your name...." and Clint Eastwood replies "you know it...", and then as he rides off, you see the name on the grave "Marshall Jim Duncan" but, yes, he never has a name in the spaghetti western trilogy.
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but, yes, he never has a name in the spaghetti western trilogy.
Not completely true, he is referred to by others as
in each of the Dollar Trilogy films.

High Plains Drifter
A little piece of Brit triva...
It may not have made it as far as the USA, but there was a film called High Drains Pilferer, obviously a play on words.
It was a spin-off* from the Minder TV series with Arthur Daley et al.


*Actually, looking at the various references, the High Drains Pilferer was just one of the Minder TV series.


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