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electronic circuits

  1. K

    27MHz carrier signal using a oscillator chip or with few transistors alone

    I am trying to generate a 27MHz carrier signal to transmit it through a loop antenna, I referred many circuits couldn't able to find the one I need. can anyone guide me on generating it using a few simple transistors or using an oscillator chip with a 3v cell battery? The thing is my design is...
  2. daniela18

    Electronic Circuit -Help :D

    Hello, My name is Daniela, I'm student and I need help to anyone who can help me :D Project goal: Control the temperature inside a closed chamber I need help to connect the all components and I don't know how because I'm new in this . I don't know how to amplify and to maintain the current...
  3. J

    Need direction to fix water level indicator buzzer problem

    I am just a hobbyist recently I build a basic model which resembles something like this circuit to stop water overflowing problem & it seem to solve the problem but i need to cut the power when i hear the buzzer as it keeps on buzzing until the water level doesn't goes down. How should i solve...
  4. H

    Looking for rat zapper complete circuit

    Hi there i am in the search of complete circuit diagram and PCB design of electric zapper for rodent control I hope you someone is here to help me out Regards Haroon

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