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looking for project or ideas

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hello everyone..

i'm in final year for my degree (in industrial electronic), in order to complete my course, i have to represent any electric or electronic project, so if all of u guys can help me with ideas or suggestions it will be very thankfull...:D:D:D:D

there is something in my mind right now, actually i want to make a small ac hydor turbine generator for powering 1 unit house and to move the prime mover, i want to use collected rain that is stored in a tank.. is it posible :rolleyes: , and instead to move the prime mover, the water can also use to watering the plant, wash a car etc... it's a green idea right.


The problem with that is the amount of energy stored in the water is proportional to the pressure as well, you'll see very few low head hydro electric dams because they're not very efficient, the pressures involved in real hydro plants are massive. I know there has been some testing done on low-head dams for daming something small rivers, but they're not particularly practical (just think of the building permits alone) for a hobbyist.

It's a good idea for home water re-use though, the biggest problem being sanitation.
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