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Looking for LCD Screen Circuit!

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Hi! So, me and my professor are trying to get an LCD screen he had lying around to interface with Arduino, and I can't seem to find a circuit for it anywhere. I was hoping you guys could help. The only information we have about the circuit is the label it came with, which says: LK 204-25-WB-C74. After looking that up, I found: LK204-25-WB Serial LCD Module - HVW Technologies , so I'm assuming thats the LCD screen I am working with. So, does anybody know a circuit which can interface correctly with Arduino? Thanks in advance!!


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If i'm reading this correctly, this LCD is capable of responding to RS232, I2C and a load of other stuff.

A quick search on the internet reveals the following datasheet.

Not knowing your level of experience with talking to remote devices I think learning to talk to the LCD via RS232 and looking for rs232 circuits would be a good starting point.

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THat LCD module uses I2C, so you just connect the two I2C lines between the Arduino and the LCD together (don't forget the pull-up resistors required by the I2C protocal).

It also seems to have RS-232 in which case you just connect the UART lines on the Arduino with the RS-232 lines on the LCD module (RS-232 is really UART that has a higher voltage level for noise immunity. But the LCD module probably doesn't have this higher voltage so you shouldn't need a RS232 driver IC circuit and can probably just connect them directly. You should check first though.
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