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Looking for a PIC Programmer

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Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this thread...

I'm looking for someone to write some code for me for a PIC controller that will do the following...

I need a chip that can turn a relay on an off in a certain way...

I'd like to use a momentary pushbutton that can be a "push-and-hold" to turn on, then upon release of the button, the circuit turns off. When the button is quickly depressed and released, the circuit is on, until the button is depressed and released again.

So basically, a hybrid of a push on/push off, and a momentary.

This will be used to turn a microphone on and off. There will be times when it will be necessary to have the microphone "hot" for a prolonged period of time that makes it impossible to push a button for that length of time which is why the push-on/push off function is ideal. But at other times, the push to talk is necessary.

I'd like there to be 2 LED's, A Green one that is active when the circuit is on. Then a Red LED when the mic circuit is off. These will be active no matter if it's been depressed in a "push-to-talk" or "push-on/push-off" fashion.



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There is probably a way to do this without a chip, are you sure you want to dive into this stuff?
I use buttons that do exactly what you need them to do. You need to hold them down to stay on...maybe I misread.



Thanks for the quick response...

It's the dual functionality that makes it a little difficult. When quickly pressed and released, it's latched on. When pressed and released quickly again, it's turned off.

When the button is pressed and held down, it becomes a momentary pushbutton, that is push to talk. When released, the circuit is no longer active.

I've attached a drawing, that hopefully will help explain...

I'm a total newbie, so I'm not too familiar with a lot of this, but I've been told that a PIC would be the best option.

One of the products I'm familiar with has the functionality that I want in a button. Their schematic diagram shows that they use a microcontroller to do the job.




What exactly are you looking for somebody to do? Do you just want the code or do you want a PCB design and programmed chips, or do you want the thing fully built? Where abouts are you? If you want this work doing then what are your budgets? I may be able to help you depending on the answers to the above.



I'm located in the US.

What I'd really like is the finished programmed PIC. I don't necessarily need the PCB built. It's part of a much larger system that needs to be built and tested in the next few weeks.

Cost would be negotiable... I can't afford to spend too much on it, as it's not an end all on the project, however, it would be a very helpful feature. But I might be able to scrape something together...



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William's kit is good and with its incircuit debug capability you should have it done in 8 - 9 hours max.

A custom job would cost you anything from $30 - $80 an hour for an hour or so. .. or free if someone likes you here ;-)
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