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Littlebee 20A ESC arduino

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I was wondering does any one know how to connect the littlebee 20A esc to Arduino. I am not sure which is the signal wire, ground, wire, and vin wire on my esc. I only notice two wires black and white that can connect to Arduino. Any help is greatly appreciated.



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My ESCs have a 3 hole connector with,
Brown gnd.
Red 5V
Orange signal.

Note the power connectors are much thicker.


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his looks different. I assume the white is signal and black is signal ground. no third wire since it doesn't supply its internally regulated 3.3V power to external electronics



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I would check for continuity between thin black wire and input (single with red) black wire.

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MY ESC looks like this

Also they don't label positive and negative battery wires. So I was wondering which on is the positive and negative wires.

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