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"little wire" software download or anything else info wnated


New Member
I like to use my old "little wire " hardware and looking for an instructions on HOW to load anything into it.
Most resources do not cover booting it and some of the "boot" links are dead.

However, it does identify itself as USB device ( Linux lsusb ) so it is alive.

I understand that initially it had support for "C" which was later dropped.
But the "C" info is still available on the net.

Like to hear from anybody about how to initialize it and since it has "tinyAVR" processor there
may be a way to adopt other boot processes.


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Maybe here:



New Member
Thanks , it is little "click this ...click that " journey but works.
I keep log of steps...

My first real command did not find my "little wire" hardware ,
but "lsusb" did.

I am down to "configure"

Little confused with configure "options" .

I am trying to get organized and like to "install "

to disk outside OS .
Is that feasible ?
If not what new folder to create in Linux and where ?

I have never done this but heard that people use /usr
for user stuff

/.usr/ AVR

would be OK

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