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Links to Alternate Energy Websites

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Alternative Energy can be done in many ways from wind generation to solar cells and even running an old diesel motor off a vegetable oil mix or filtered sump oil mix. Now over unity or perpetual motion machines are nothing but fiction and any posts relating to such fiction should be deleted. Below are some links to alternative energy websites and forums dedeciated to this field. If anyone has links to put up just post them in the forum and I can add them to this thread if suitable.

http://www.alton-moore.net/wind_calculations.html This is a blade calculator for designing wind turbine blades which is regarded as the standard for turbine blades. Just punch in the numbers you need and the online calculator does the rest.

http://www.scoraigwind.com/ This is Hugh Piggot's site, Hugh is regarded as the grand daddy of wind gennies and his site has everything you need to build an axial flux wind generator.

http://www.windstuffnow.com/main/ Another wind Genny site with projects.

http://www.reresource.org/ This is a good 'wiki based' website run by a great bunch of guy's on a volunteer basis.

http://www.otherpower.com This site has a great wealth of infomation on building the axial flux wind generators and basically everything R.E.

http://www.fieldlines.com/ This link is the Otherpower forum which is decidicated to alternative energy and isn't too techical in nature but is good forum for those into R.E.

http://www.thebackshed.com This is the main website where the Fisher & Paykel washing machine motor is converted into a wind genny. Gizmo has done a great job updating the site and anyone wanting to build their own wind genny should explore this site and read some of the topic's, particually the one on furling as it's one of the best references on furling on the net.

http://www.thebackshed.com/Windmill/FORUM1/default.asp This is the forum for the above website.

http://outlands.tripod.com/farm/rampump.htm This webpage is for the making of a ram pump very cheaply. But as it's a tripod site you do get a couple of popups.

http://www.clemson.edu/irrig/Equip/ram.htm Another site for a homemade ram pump on the cheap. This site also gives some good techincal info and some other links to ram pump sites

http://www.redrok.com/electron.htm This site is for redrock the mob that has designed a solar tracker using greenled's. The work done on this site has advanced over the years and there's lot's of solar tracker projects on it.

http://www.solarnavigator.net/lead_acid_batteries.htm This site is the low down on lead acid batteries. A good read on lead acid batteries.

For those living on the land and want to make their own electric fence controller on the cheap, this project is from the motherearth magazine and is the link to the project.

In todays climate where global warming is the big concern more and more people are turning to alternate energy for their power needs. Solar concentrators are one way to use the sun to generate steam for existing power stations and several variants of this theme are on the ground already. Wind farms are popping up all round the globe and while wind farms can't provide 100% of base load power they can assist in lowering the dependance of burning fossil fuels. Geo-thermal is yet another idea commonly called 'hot rocks' one being built in the north of South Australia claims they will supply enough power for the worlds biggest uranuim mine, a second huge mine near by and still supply power to the grid.
The quest is endless on finding new technologies to sustain our future so I'm sure we'll see more and more Alternate Energy projects coming online in the future.

Anyway that's it for now

Cheers Bryan :rolleyes:
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