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Light-seeking Servo System

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A light seeking servo system is a mechanism that tries to orient itself towards an illumination source so that the
line from the center of the mechanism to the light source coincides with the line orthogonal to the mechanism (i.e.
1e=0), see the figure below.


You are required to design a system that works in the above manner. Your design should include:
1- design and modeling of the electronic circuit that provides an electric signal proportional to 1e,
2- design and modeling of the servo amplifier-DC motor unit,
3- design of a controller that would allow the system to track the light source.

can somebody help me


I can assure you that no one will help you unless you show signs of actually attempting the problem on your own

If you are assigned a problem of this nature, obviously you have been studying electronics for a while so you should have the skills to begin designing a solution. I lurk on these forums most of the time but these kinds of effortless questions always pop up and strike a nerve. However, when I see them it gives me a nice warm feeling that my job will be secure for a while.

The directions tell you exactly what you need to do. All you have to do is solve it. Most of the time finalizing product specs is more difficult than making it work!


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phalanx said:
However, when I see them it gives me a nice warm feeling that my job will be secure for a while.
:lol: good one

But seriously, I can think of a few different ways to do it just offhand... as phalanx said, if you're far enough in electronics courses to be getting that kind of assignment then you shouldn't be clueless as to how to do it... at the very least, you should have some ideas... people on here will be willing to help you if you need to get some particular part working, but the way you asked it sounds like you have absolutely no idea and want us to just figure it all out for you.


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I'll be both amazed and interested if somebody bites on this one.


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phalanx said:
I'll give him one hint. Servo != the little gizmo that makes your RC car turn! :D
that's true, although an R/C hobby servo like that wouldn't be a terrible way to implement the system, especially with the original circuitry ripped out.



Well, I'll bite it too--

Can do with 1 logic IC, 4 passive components and a motor. Just under a $ 1/- budjet :!:


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haha buy one of those commercial light seeking gizmos in the form of a sunflower with a chirpy smile and call it a day.
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