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LG TV lines problem

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Hello everybody,

I have a LG 37LV570S LED TV, and recently, lines started appearaing all over the screen - there is a video of the problem:

This happens on DVB-C, satellite TV, playing movies from USB, browsing the internet, (happens whatever you do)

What could the problem be and what should I do?

Bernard Great

New Member
Tap on top or behind the TV if the lines goes off you know its the LCD panel ribbon cable, check on the Tcon board, try adjusting the LVDS signal cacle to the TCON board..for more picture or video assistance visit [moderator edited] You may offer advice but not personal promotion.

Tony Stewart

Well-Known Member
Most Helpful Member
vertical lines may also suggest VGA synchronization and aliasing.

Is this VGA? IS it synchronized? Is overscan disabled on TV advanced video settings?
What pixel resolution 1920x1080? non-interleaved?


Well-Known Member
Vertical lines are associated with the Tcon module. Check the LVDS cable connections etc and the drive to the LCD panel at the top edge of the screen for good connection. Verifying stable PSU supply to the Tcon is a good idea as well.


New Member
press menu button , if the lines appear over the menu fault is T-CON OR PANEL but if lines dis appear over menu the fault is in main board
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