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led technology

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today the whole world is looking for the low powered devices
the led is one of them
there are number of types of leds available
one day will come whwer the whole world will depend on this..........
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And the point of this post was? Currently even the highest high efficiency LED's aren't as good as modern high performance gas discharge lamps at large scales, at least on the cost/benefit end of things. On a smaller scale LED's reign supreme. Just about every flashlight you'll buy now days is LED based, every commercial electronic device that produces light now days also uses them. The world does not however depend on them. If for some reason the laws of physics were suddenly changed so that LED's no longer functioned, we could manage just fine.
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Well I'm in favor of having street lamps made from LED arrays. Less light pollution and my street lamp bill should then be way, way lower.

Certain first generation military HUMVEEs and the new HUMVEE Cobras employ hi-watt LEDs arranged in a special "bucket" housing. They are bright and most effective. They cost around $500 US and can be purchased here, along with other HUMVEE lighting.

The thumbnails show the new HUMVEE Cobra, the new bullet/bomb-proof tire/wheel, and a Toyota Scion that employs LED lighting. What a weird car... the sideview mirrors are practically worthless.



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well friend u r right
the world may not depend on led i accept it
but i can quote one example
its the use led in each domain like, vehicles,houses,hotels etc
once i was going through an article it said the leds are available in the wide range from micro amperes to few amperes!! also they cost accordingly(may be from few rupees to few thousands!(Indian currency))
and there r leds which have the wide range, some output light in different colors but some different in heat or even UV?!


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LEDs are only on par with florescents for efficiency. HID lamps are much more efficient for large areas, like Sceadwian mentioned.

The two real big advantages to LEDs is their longevity and small size.
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