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Learning PIC Programming for encoder

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So where do i start. I have C C++ VB6 C# .net and Basic programming knowledge. meaning i know little about alot. But when it comes to writing programs in assembly or any language for the sake of making a PIC do what i want it to do i have know idea where to start.

Perhaps someone can give me a very simple circuit to build with a simple PIC program so that i could get a little hands on and have a better understanding of what pics are for and how they would help me solv my problem of needing an encoder.

A cheap easy circuit to get me started would be great.

Maybe a couple LEDS a single PIC buit on bread board.

I know i will have to build a programmer. That doesnt seam to be hard.

Can anyone help mentor a newbie.

Tahnks in advance


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That site you gave me says he uses the p16pro40 programmer. I did a search and found a schematic. does anyone have a better explanation of how the programmer works and also i would like to have the PCB layout if anyone knows of a site. All i could find was a single PDF file with the schematic

Im having alot of trouble grasping the whole PIC picture. It seams that for just about every chip i want to program im going to need to build another programer. Are there any out there that do them all or most of them?


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Since you have a background in C you should just get a C compiler for your microcontroller.

If you are looking for an easy kit I'd recomend Cygnal's 8051 microcontrollers. Just go to DigiKey.com and do a search for c8051f020. It should bring up the kit. If that doesnt work you can get it strait from Cygnals web site. Its ~100$ and includes a C compiler and everyting you need to get started. One of the easiest kits I've ever used.



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I would suggest to get the programmers from microEngineering Labs, Inc. here in the USA. They work great, no worries about if your programmer works and all that. Great support and the price is not bad. Not to mention the great In Circuit Serial programming capabilities so that you don't have to take your pic out to program it.

An if you are just learning I always suggest PIC Microcontroller Project Book good book for begginers, shows you around and then you are good to go. half.com has it very cheap.

Arm with that an the PicBasic Pro you will have a lot of fun and powerful tool to do more that you believe you can do. ANd the best thing? Fast.

Just my hamble opinion,

Good Luck

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