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LCD Display Digital Clock

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I have been assigned to use MultiSim to create a detailed schematic for my project: LCD display digital clock. This is an online class which I am now regretting because I don't have the ability to sit with the instructor for assistance. I have to use Multisim but honestly I don't know where to begin. I have read through the previous forums from 2008- 2011 and just need some help.
Ultimately the schematic on MultiSim is to be used to stimulate the digital clock on a Microcontroller trainer board.
The clock display needs to have hours, minutes, and seconds- I have opted for a 12 hour clock but I guess I could offer 24 hour as an option.
Can anyone assist me with a schematic or even where to find what I need in MultiSim?

WTP Pepper

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Once you have worked out how to display individual decimal numbers on a 6 digit display in pairs then the algorithm for a clock is easy.
while (1) {
if (seconds==60) seconds=0;minutes++

if (minutes==60) minutes=0;seconds=0;hours++

if (hours==13) minutes=0;seconds=0;hours=0;

or something along those lines. You will need buttons somewhere to set at least the start hours & minutes


And you expect us to believe the other thread made with the same questoin is not yours? You are really not cut out for an engineer, go be a doctor, there stupidity is something good. If you kill 3 people, just say 'you can't save them all'.


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^^This thread started, and ended, in 2013??


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^^This thread started, and ended, in 2013??
It was re-animated by a spammer, who has since been banned.
Thread now closed.

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