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Laying down on the job.

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Ever find yourself slacking off at work? I was working out in the shop today and got to thinking about every place I have ever slacked off at work at in my life. Not as many places as you may think!
Well anyway now I am self employed and being the boss means I can justifiably screw off all day without repercussions. (Number 1 perk I might add too!) :D

Got a place you like or liked to waste a little time at while you were at work?
Yea I know your all company guys who never wasted a second in your life and the closest you ever got to laying down on the job was that time you slipped and fell and even then you deducted your time you spent catching your breath from your pay check because you weren't actually working! :rolleyes:

So seriously got a good hiding place that brings back memories? Or a coworker that topped anything you may have ever done?
I'm a machine, if I'm not working at work I don't want to be there, so I leave early, most days I stay late. I now work at a machine shop, these guys mainly look like they're moving backwards to me compared to where I worked before. But I'm gonna burn out if I keep going full tilt all the time. I'm still in a 'glad I'm back to work after a year' mode, been there three months now.

Personally, the best place I have ever found to slack off was learning more about a different aspect of what I was currently doing. When you're learning it's not the grudge or grind, and when you know a lot you never get stuck in a little back water of 'you do it well'' That kind of thinking lead me here, and to everything I know, however little it is.
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I worked at an industrial plant years ago and we had a row of lockers and shelves that went across the back of our service bay. Behind them was a small storage room that was an abandoned air compressor room from many years ago.
The lockers and shelves set out about 2 feet from the wall with the door to that room and if you didn't see the one small opening at the end, which always had stuff hanging over it of course, you wouldn't know there was a walk way and a secret room behind them. Many an hour was wasted by a few of us in our air room!
If someone said they needed to get some air a few of us knew what they meant. It was our code for I am going to take a nap and to let anyone looking for them know they are out on a service call and can't be reached. :D

Some days I still wish I worked there. :(
I read about a guy who reported for a new job and was told to report to a supervisor in another area.
Instead he found a place to hide.
He received checks for over 20 years before someone discovered him.
Personally, I would have been bored out of my mind.
It would be easier to work, especially if you are doing something you enjoy.
Guess you could call him the ultimate slacker. ;)
I've never slacked off on the job, and get kind of irritable in situations where I can't keep busy. I can only think of the hundreds of things I could be doing at home. The day goes by much quicker, while performing some task. I grew up in a state, where jobs were hard to find, you couldn't afford to be picky about the type of work, and you worked like you appreciated having the job, because the employer could replace you within minutes. Most of the people I work with, don't share my work ethics, and don't mind just hanging around for the entire shift, whether working or not. There isn't much discipline in my warehouse, not much reason to hide while slacking off. Since paying off my house, I tend to like to get the work done, and go home early, but most everyone else want's to drag it out to make their hours. I'm not very popular in my department, but guess most people are relieved I never had any desire for leadership.
My work ethic is usually good but still a bit variable. I am also one of the more motived people to get things done efficiently and quickly but then go home when I am no longer justifiably needed. I too have always had things I could be doing at home that usually paid as well as being at work did.
For me work has never been about about the money I made but about doing things well. I take pride and some satisfaction in what I do and when I worked around people in businesses that had an overall attitude of second rate work and just not caring about quality or efficiency I was usually quick to get my work done right then just disappear.

My laying down on the job part is rare but yes I have always had good hiding places where ever I worked.
At one job early in my working life it was on top of the indoor storage silos in one area of a pasta manufacturing plant. I didn't use it much but some days when everything was fixed and I had to be there anyway I would go and do a 'walk around inspection' and disappear for an hour or two.:D
Still when paged I was only a minute away from showing up though and when questioned about where I was, well part of my work was in fact to check the bin sensors and the air handling systems on the roof which was only accessible from the bin room! ;)
When I was working in industry, up till about 5 months ago, I often felt tired in the middle of the afternoon. That way I would deal with that was to nap briefly. I'd put my hands on my keyboard and pretend to stare at my monitor. I learned to nap while holding my head erect, so nobody would be the wiser, that is, unless they caught me starting at my screen saver :) Typically, I only required 10-15 minutes before I re-awoke refresned and ready to tackle the rest of the day's work. Studies have shown repeatedly that power naps greatly inprove productivity, but as my employer didn't believe that, I had to take mine on the sly.

Recently, I've found myself without conventional employment, and I am attempting to make my living by my own wits. Working from home is a hoot, but there are too many opportunities to goof-off ( just like I'm doing right now!) I've been working on some outside projects of my own, but it's raining today, so I'm getting a day off. Can't do too many of these days off though, I still have bills rolling in.
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