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laptop car charger


Not gaming laptop. I am keeping an eye on the new one of I got and so far it seems to perform better and has no effect on the car battery. I'll try to run it longer for the sake of comparison when I am prepaired for a boost.


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Laptops and their charging are complicated.

Most laptops adaptors can signal to the laptop how much power is available, so the laptop won't take more than that. If you connect a laptop to a lower-rated adaptor, the laptop will limit the rate of charging of the battery so that the adaptor isn't overloaded.

A laptop will usually take much more power when it's charging its battery.

The computing part of the laptop will take more power if the display is brighter, or if the processor is doing more work. If the power that the computing part is taking is more than the rating of the adaptor, then the battery will be discharging rather than charging. That can happen briefly as programs, or the whole laptop, are started up or shut down. If large amounts of computation are happening, that will increase the power, so running a game with lots of graphics can often make the laptop use more power.

If the laptop is connected to a low-power charger, the processor may be slowed to reduce power consumption. Also, it may be impossible to turn the laptop on with a low power charger connected, and no battery fitted.
Great info!
But as usual after some year of new battery its happen to battery get dead!


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I know I'm late to the party here, but a couple of brand names to spring: Targus are a reputable after-market mfr of laptop related stuff.. Mid-priced and reliable. Also I got my parents a replacement laptop PSU made by Delta (Indian company) which seems very good, so I'm cautiously recommending them. Don't know if they make car chargers though.

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