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Korg KR-55 Drum Machine Repair Question

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Hello all.

I have a somewhat rare Korg KR-55 drum Machine. It used to work just fine, but I am now having a problem where only some of the sounds produce audio. The snare and the cymbal work, but nothing else. A possible reason for this is it was stored in my basement, and we had a flood down there. I am not sure if got wet, but it was definitely in a lot of moisture.

So far I have opened it up and cleaned all the connections, and looked for anything that could be water damage and cleaned as best I could. No luck yet though.

It is an analogue machine so it's all circuitry that I am not to familiar with so I figured this would be a good place to ask. I'm posting pictures as well as the schematics (I don't know how to read them), and hopefully give me at least a place to start.

Folder of Pictures




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my first advice is Don't power it up - it's to prevent any fruther damage until . . .
basically you need to find the faulty modules -- and as you said you do not have much experience for
... its somethig like you disconnect/separate the power supplies - verify they meet the specs . . .
- a lot of work you need to know in which order and how (each target specific) to perform it
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