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Just having a beer.


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Nearly midnight here - probably past by the time I type this. Been down the local - open mike night. Was a good evening. Going to my daughters tomorrow and will 1. play with my Granddaughter and 2. get my hair cut. I like this getting old lark, it's so much fun. Need to go to bed soon so I can get up in the morning. All you other old farts, what's your favorite time?



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Does Mrs Jim agree?
She would if she were here.

Sadly, she did not get to experience it.
Which is why I usually refer to her as the late Mrs JimB



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Good women are hard to find. I was married to one but I did not appreciate her. I was too busy going out with my drinking mates. I was too young and immature. I was not ready for the stability I guess. Got divorced.

Roll on to 20 years later. Had the fun, had the party's, and all that comes with that. Many women.... but not like her. She died of colon cancer I heard. Around 3 years ago. ☹☹☹

She didn't deserve that. Was a beautiful caring person in every way. And I'm still alive. I'm probably not welcome in heaven. So I have to serve the remaining time I've got here on earth amongst.... you know who. My punishment I guess.

Gotta do what I gotta do.

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