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Jon's Imaginarium – MAX25605 Sequential LED Controller


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Way back in the olden days, I was fascinated by the sequential blinkers on the 1966 Ford Thunderbirds. These were mechanical marvels using rotating cams and microswitches.

Things like this are easily implemented today – a microcontroller makes this a simple task.

Maxim has made it even easier with the MAX25605. This chip supports one circuit of 6 LEDs or 2 circuits of 3 LEDs. Flash patterns, fading, etc., are programmed by selection of 3 resistor values without any need for a microcontroller or programming. This could be fun to create some custom lighting.

I was worried about availability, since this chip is aimed at automotive OEMs. And Maxim of course. But it's available at Digikey, at $4 in qty 1.

MAX25605 Sequential LED Controller

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