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Is this as dangerous as it sounds?

Discussion in 'Members Lounge' started by Little Ghostman, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. Little Ghostman

    Little Ghostman Well-Known Member Most Helpful Member

    Jan 7, 2011
    I read this yesterday without logging in, so it got me thinking... Surely you need the old code to change to a new one! I asked apparently not, it seems its so common for people to request new numbers they just bring the screen up and change it. I the code is not hidden on the computer screen or encrypted, the reasoning apparently is you cant do anything without the card and number together, we also have a £15 limit on what we can charge up the card upto.

    Had the Scottish version of the RSPCA around yesterday (little sisters birthday!) someone has reported one of our two pet sheep!

    Apparently she looks in a bit of state and dosnt walk properly, she also looks way over weight. So we explain that yes she has bad legs, yes she around 3 acres of grass and yes she dosnt move much because of her legs. Then the knockout blow, we explain she is now 9 years old!!!! What do they expect from a sheep nearly five years older than most get slaughtered, i also went nuts and explained if neglect gets a sheep to nine then maybe more should be neglected.

    Specs, i am direct. I dont take offense at this at all, I say what I think and what I feel. I like it that way because it saves me having to remember who i am pretending to be friends with, unfortunately I havnt upset anyone for weeks and weeks (at least 3 weeks!), and not to the extent some of the things that are going on. Police involved now but we didnt ask them, but no details yet sorry.
  2. alec_t

    alec_t Well-Known Member Most Helpful Member

    Jul 10, 2011
    Cardiff, Wales
    Hope all goes well and you get things sorted, LG.
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