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Is this a three leg capacitor?


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Hello All,
My Pfaff 1222 E is running very slow. I have had it back to the repairman that I bought it from several times. I have decided to replace all of the electronic components.
I live in a remote part of Western Australia and just finding the time to take it to a repairer is an issue.
I went through the Drachenforum site
And used Mr Kendrix post about alternative components. After a lot of cross referencing I was able to by all of the components through one company.
I have some questions on the Drachenforum circuit C2 is labelled 01uF 400v.

Is that 1uF or 0.1uF?

R 10 is labelled as 710k I cant get that size any more. The options now are 680k or 820k which one should I use?
I can provide a excel file of the alternate or substitute components if any one is interested.
Regards Whitworth


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680k is closest


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C2 looks like 0.1uF. You can see it in the photo at the start of the thread and post #81. A cap like that wouldn't be 1uF AFAIK. The drawings on drachenforum agree.
There's no such thing as a 710k resistor. The standard series have been around since long before that sewing machine was made. Also note it's in series with the gate of some kind of thyristor - it wouldn't be so high. Comparing the schematic on page 7 with the PCB layout on page 1, it looks like whoever drew the schematic made a typo and it's actually 10k.

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