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Is there something special about this Rigol Logic Analyser Probe or can it be done with wire?

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I was wondering if anyone knows, is there something super special about this connector that makes it worth $300, or are they charging you to "unlock" the logic analyser features of your Rigol "plus" series O-scope? If you got a connector that fit and put your own cables on it would it work, or do they have it locked out in some way?


I'm thinking of getting another Rigol scope, and the logic analyser features would be worth the extra 200 or 300 dollars to me, but with the probe wire it's basically another $500.


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My logic analyses are fast. I don't know about yours.
The ribbon cable is much of the secret. Probably twisted pair or coax.
You will not be happy with a "wire" running 3 feet across your desk.
If you had coax running for 3 feet and them used a "wire" with a clip on the end for the last 2 inches that will work.
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