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IR controlled 3 channel PWM

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I'm a complete newb, so go easy on me!

I'm looking to make a 3 channel PWM controlled by IR that will be able to dim my RGB led lighting I'm going to install.

I already have a RGB controller, that does a grand job of setting the colours/fading etc. but I want to be able to integrate a dimming circuit that my all in one remote will control

So when I press play, I get dimmed lights, tv on, dvd playing etc. The dimming level will be preset via a on board trimmer or similar.

The only problem is will a PWM on the output side of my RGB controller, upset it? The PWM is only to dim all three channels irrespective of what colour is being produced by the controller.

The only problem is.... I have basic electronics knowledge, but can solder and I'm an electrician by trade so have a fair idea on how stuff works.

Can someone help me out? I cant find an bought kit to do this that will integrate properly and not cost a fortune!


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