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interfacing pulse transformer (telecom)

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Hi All,

I am trying to interface a pulse transformer to a logic circuit (FPGA) but I am not sure what would be the optimal circuit to detect the pulses including polarity. The incoming signal is coded as "1" - no signal, "0" - 5.2 usec pulses of alternating polarity. I could find some circuits and ideas but not dealing with the polarity problem.

It just started as a curiosity idea - I still have the rare thing at home: an ISDN phone line and I am wondering if I can monitor the signal on the line (the 4-wire S interface, not the 2-wire U interface which would be much more difficult). I have got the ISDN pulse transformer T5012-NL from Mouser and experimenting with it (an oscilloscope would be very useful I guess but I have only 34-channel logic analyzer as I work with digital circuits most of the time ...)

I have read the ITU recommendation I.430 which describes the line code in detail but does not help me with the pulse transformer problem unfortunately.

Thanks for any help.

Not open for further replies.

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