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Interfacing my Radiplug with my computer

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Hi all, looks like a useful forum here.
I have a radiplug remote controlled socket set (currently 3, but can extend to 5)
RADIPLUG, 3x Remote Control Mains Plug Sockets/Switches

Unfortunately I couldn't find a IR based remote control set so had to buy a RF set with the intention of some how interfacing it with my computer.

Now the first problem, I can't design a electronic circuit at all. I can build one and that's it.

My computer has a COM port but could do with it being USB based. Or better still. Through the 6 general purpose outputs on my Matrix Orbital LCD panel. These can be either low power or high power (12v). They are either on or off.

Each channel for the socket has 2 buttons, on and off

One more thing the battery is 12v

Anyone got any recommendations on how I can develop something to work how I want?
Not open for further replies.

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