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Interesting Video on BCD and the Conversion to ASCII and Even EBCDIC

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I probably should know what's in this video, but I didn't until I watched it. It's a discussion of Binary Coded Decimal in general, and talks about how simple it is to convert a BCD value to the appropriate digit for ASCII output.

I wish I had known this when working with multi-digit 7-segment LED displays. It would have been much simpler than my brute force approach!

42 and Binary Coded Decimal - Computerphile


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Not often you see such and easy and entertaining style of presentation... reminds me of my first electronics theory instructor back in 1971 ... " The Welsh wizard" Sid Price he worked for EMI previously and top secret war stuff , got me hooked ...


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The Computerphile channel, and its sister channel Numberphile, are both great YouTube channels to watch to learn about these sorts of things. I've been subscribed to them for years now, and they're always very interesting and entertaining. I especially enjoy Numberphile's calculator unboxing reviews:

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