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Interesting motherboard components

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Hello everyone!

This is, again, a very noob question. My computer's motherboard runs hot, but I have no problems with it, as it stays between the limits.

However, tracking the source of the heat (obviously besides the processor), I've found a series of interesting black boxes labeled EMC R68H. They run very very hot!

Other labels are 1R1, R27, under the "brand" Trio or Rio

Its stunning for me, because during my short experience last thing I've seen running that hot without burning was a vacuum tube.

What does that component do?

Ps: Google only throws chinese websites, and google translator throws garbage out of them.
Ps2: Actual picture is from the web, but illustrates the mentioned boxes.


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The components you refer to, form part of switching regulators for the various supplies that the mobo generates from the main 5v/12v supplies from the psu


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They are inductors- part of the switching regulator.
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Mobo's get hot, not such a big deal, most parts are rated at 70 deg C or better.
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