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integrating an square wave with op amp

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Good morning, as you can see i'm new here.
I have a project in mind that is some kind of strobe light, I'm not using the discharge of a capacitor and neon light, but an idea from myself, and it is taking a triangle waveform and send it to a LED and get the effect of flashing, I'm thinking about using a 3W or 5W LED to get a great light, I haven't make it yet because i'm still assembling the whole idea and design. And here's my consult:

to integrate the square wave provenient from an astable multivibrator (with a 555) I'm going to change the level of it to get a pure alternating signal, and then take it to an integrator with an op amp, but my question is: the square wave from the astable starts in high or in low? I ask because if it starts in low there's no trouble, because it will be integrated and inverted and made positive, but if it starts in high then it will be made negative, and then I'll have to make some changes and fix the output to use it for the LED.

Thanks ahead of time.
Hope for some answers.
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