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integrating amplifier anyone?

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hello there
big help is needed here pls pretty pls!
my easy (well,am a bit confused here) question wud be

what does an integrating amplifier do in real life?
i mean what is the application in any electronic devices when it comes to daily life facility?

ur help is much much appreaciated.thanks:)


Simple example for sound.
Average the incoming audio and output a steady volume voltage level. RMS measuring of the audio level is even possible, though complex.


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An integrator makes perfectly linear ramps when the input is a square-wave.
An integrator makes a triangle-wave as part of a Pulse-Width-Modulation circuit for an efficient DC light dimmer or DC motor speed controller.
An integrator is a single order lowpass filter.

Here is an integrator that slowly increases the brightness then slowly decreases the brightness of an LED:


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