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Insignia TV problem

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I was brought an 48" Insignia NS-48D510NA15 to fix, with a very peculiar problem.

The problem in question is the TV will not turn on. However, if left unplugged for about half an hour to an hour, plugged in for about 30 seconds, then pressing the power button will 9 times out of 10 turn the TV on. When plugged in there is a red status light indicating power, but will turn off when the TV is turned on. It the TV is turned off, then an attempt at turning it back on, the power light will go out but the TV will stay off.
Once turned on there are no problems. A remote has the same effect as the power button itself.

When opened, there are no bulging capacitors, burn marks or any obvious damage. I haven't been able to check the voltages reliably due to my multi-meter being quite old and possibly broken.

Model No.: NS-48D510NA15
Power Supply: HLL-4655WA
Main Board: RSAG7.820.5254/ROH
TCON: LJ94-30637C

No pictures are available at this time, but I would appreciate some speculation on what you think the problem is.
Not open for further replies.

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