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Insignia ns-55e48a13a Need LED info


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Hello i'm new to this and i have a insignia TV that has a bad LED. I found the one that is bad now how do i know what size i need and the best place to get it? Thank you. Steve


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Thanks for the reply. I would like to try and put a new LED on the strip if I can find a LED that will work if I can't find one then i'll order the strips. This is a learning thing for me and I have a lot to learn. Thanks again.


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i have a insignia TV that has a bad LED.
you might be able to find a replacement LED if you can figure out the operating current and the luminousity at that current. Insignia (Best Buy house brand) doesn't sell parts, and when warranty repairs are done on Insignia TVs, the only available parts are the panel, main PCB and power supply. after the warranty is expired, these parts are no longer provided. or you might be able to get a panel off e-slay, but if i were buying one, i wouldn't assume the panel as a whole is in working condition, but you could extract LEDs from it.

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