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Inside a MC

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Is there some type of article that explains and demonstrates what is actually going on inside of a mc. I want to get a better understanding of how it works. My knowledge of electronics is fairly new so i would need something with beginners terminology


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Here is some basic information.

The functional block diagram inside the the PIC documentation will help a great deal. Actually, go to Microchip's page and read the entire .pdf for, say, the 16f628.

If you make it though that, you will have a good understand about what is going on.

Look into digital logic in general for an even deeper understanding.


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I suggest you to read these books which explains how actually a uC/uP performs its operations. One is "Computer Architecture and Organization" by "J. P. Hayes" and "Morris Mano" is other author who has written similar book. These are excellent books which will explain you every expect of uP operations in detail.
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