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Info for HP oscolloscope 1740A

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Does anyone know where I can obtain info on the obsolete HP 1740A Oscilloscope? Such as web site. I have the HP manuals but components such as transistors often have the HP component number rather than the actual part number. Also, a source of spare parts would be useful since some are HP specials and not now available.


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hp 1740a oscilloscope

If you still have it and it doesn't work, I need the vertical output card...I will purchase it, of course

Thank you, Rob Vernon BC Canada


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There is a Yahoo Agilent HP group. groups.yahoo.com. I would ask there. For Tek, there is Tek p/n to real p/n reference. There probably exists one for HP as well.

Sphere and qservice are possible parts sources. So is epay.
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