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Induction Furnace

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Hello ElectroTech Community

I want to build an Induction Furnace for Hobby Foundary work. Current information.

1. Incoming Power 415V 3 Phase 16 Sq mm Mains.

2. I have collected an number of components so far eg

1000V 75A IGBTs,
40 A 3 Phase Bridge Rectifier,
High Current Diodes
High Current SCRs

Refrigeration components for the cooling of the heat sunk electronics and Induction Coil and many more smaller components.

3. A foundary friend of mine runs a new commercial 125kW [Cast Iron] and 75 kW [Non Ferrous] Induction Furnace for a Technical College. The operating frequencies vary between 2.5 -3.5 kHz.

4. I also noticed a member MOSFET KILLER was building a 10 kW unit but he has gone off the radar.

Question ?

Has anyone else built a unit in the 10 -12.5 kW Range ? as I would like to contact them.

Kind regards

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