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Indirect Addressing

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PORTA is at address 0x05 and its direction register, TRISA, is at address 0x85,
which means that PORTA is in Bank 0 and TRISA is in Bank 1. Therefore either
indirect addressing or bank switching must be performed to access the direction register. How do i writea simply assembly code to show how PORTA can be initialized using indirect addressing mode for the PIC16F877?

Mike - K8LH

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You can indirectly access locations in bank 0 and 1 or in bank 2 and 3 by clearing or setting the IRP bit in the STATUS register, respectively.


        clrf    STATUS          ; force bank 0 and IRP = 0          |B0
        movlw   TRISA           ; address of TRISA                  |B0
        movwf   FSR             ; FSR = &TRISA (in bank 1)          |B0
        clrf    PORTA           ; set PORTA latches to 0            |B0
        clrf    INDF            ; TRISA = b'00000000' (outputs)     |B0
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