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Image fix for Sony trinitron CRT


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I am new here. I started a small Sony Trinitron Crt TV (scart). Overall it works great.
Unfortunately on white/light color images, there is a green band overplayed. On some image it looks purple. When the picture is mostly white, there are some static sound on the speakers.
There is no high pitch noise from the tube. And the TV working perfectly on dark images.
By the way, I use two different scart cable to test this Crt just in case it was the cable. I also use two different machine to be sure that the TV was faulty and not the computer.
Is this Crt dying? Any chance that there would be an easy fix like changing some capacitors?
Thanks a lot for your help.



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it looks like either the tube face got magnetized, or the color purity magnets need to be adjusted.... the first problem is easy to fix... the second one requires a video test generator and some finesse.... a service manual will have the purity adjustment procedure in it... TVs and monitors have a built-in degaussing coil connected through a thermistor. if the thermistor is open circuit, it won't demagnetize the screen

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