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Im sitting here thinking now (nooooooo) lol

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Sitting here thinking about what ETO has gone through and me too since I joined many years back.

Ive always been a naughty ****. Ive make many life mistakes. But I roll with the punches.
Just wanna say that ETO is strong. Its a place that may not be the highest in rankings as far as exposure on the NET.

Amy and her team do a fantastic job of promoting ETO.
They are totally relaxed.

ETO is and always will be a place where cleverness is not really admired.
We like simple explanations for complicated stuff.

ETO has and always will be the Master of that.

Its like were a family here.
Strong family.

Noone tries to outsmart another Member.
Unless they give crap advise.

So I think ETO is SOLID as a rock.

And that is what the NET sees too.
So, ETO is stable. Moderation best on the NET.

Moderators on ETO are not kids. They know stuff too.

I'm old................but Nigel is wiser than me lol. He shoots me down in a good way when I do CRT stuff lol.

Anyway, sensible moderation and sense and just a whole heap of fun can be had on any Forum.
I think other Forums try too hard.

We know stuff.

So we don't really need to impress anyone.

Love you all,

Amiee youre HOTTT!!! And wise and clever and sigh


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I agree tv I think it's a good place too and there are not many, as you imply I would say many are infested with trolls and peeps who enjoy talking down to others. I come along and try to help but am usually beaten to the point by one of the longtermers who maybe spend more time on the site than I do.

PS I am not sure this is a dating site :)


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Im on my phone now.....so its unpredictable how this reply turns out once posted.

All I know is that ETO rockks. Im no expert with anything Electronic......but most of the other members here are. Im a simple CRT tech.

And no....ETO isnt a dating site lol.

enjoy and learn and have fun

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